Cave Creek – elections – and My View

As a citizen of Cave Creek I am very glad that the election of August 30, 2016 for mayor and the next town council is over and that it was a clear majority of voters who elected them, with no run-off required.  Like you, I am glad no slate of council members exists and there are six independent individuals.

We citizens of Cave Creek have elected six council men and women who are independent.  This is good. Sonoran News has spoken out negatively about Eileen Wright who has been elected by a majority of the voters.  Also, the same voters who listened to Sonoran News and elected Clancy, McGuire, Elrod, Smith and Sova are the ones who also elected Wright.  So they either all did or all did not listen to Sonoran News. The margin or difference in vote count between the six clearly supports that.   I believe many attended the various Candidate Forums and were impressed with the research and thought process on issues that Ms. Wright had obviously done.  Whether one agrees with her or not, one can clearly see the work ethic and depth of research and understanding regarding various issues is in place.

You said in the Sept. 7th “My View” that this would be “the last thing that I want to say” about Ms. Wright.  I truly hope not.  What I would really like to see, for the benefit of our town, let the past be the past.  Ms. Wright is not connected to Adam Trenk, not part of a “Dark Side,” nor part of any slate.  Please report on her work going forward as a member of a duly elected town council.  Report on her efforts and work with open minded truth just as you would report on any council member or our newly elected mayor.

I, for one, would like to see a more positive and cohesive town and news/issue reporting by Sonoran News to build toward a better Cave Creek.  We have many challenges and issues to face that will take a broad base of thought process to reach correct decisions. Those decisions will be the result of good research and a broad base of ideas not just one group’s thinking. And, positive reporting of issues or difference of opinion will lead to a more cohesive community when final decisions are made.

One thing I love about Cave Creek is its diversity of citizens.  Not just artists, bicyclists (motor and pedal), horse lovers and etc. but a group of citizens who exercise their right of free thinking and willingness to contribute ideas and insight.  Diversity of thought and belief is a very good attribute and disagreeing with one or more does not create a “dark side” but leads to an enlightened community which is exactly where I want to be.

E. Bell

Cave Creek