“Elites” punish you with immigration

Steele Coddington

Peggy Noonan, trusted journalist and columnist for the Wall Street Journal wrote an exceptionally incisive article in the Aug. 13th-14th issue titled “How Elites Forsake Their Countrymen.”  It exposed for the first time a new aspect of the truly brutalizing impacts of immigration a country’s leaders impose on their populations. Her article explains that immigration is a phenomenon in which the “elites” don’t participate or experience or indulge.
Their lives aren’t integrated with the reality of the daily life down in the neighborhoods close by the migrant enclaves.  Their involvement is mostly limited to pious proclamations by leaders like Angela Merkel.  And I would add, those of France, Belgium, Obama, Clinton, Paul Ryan and hordes of TV progressives who love to tout their self-righteous advocacy of immigration.  They like the “feel-good” labels such as “Humanist,” “Compassionate,” and “Hero of human rights.”

But if you don’t agree with them, you are “Xenophobic,” “Narrow minded,” “racist,” or possibly don’t even like the Statue of Liberty.  It’s no secret the media today is the migrants’ best friend.  Anyone critical of immigration is under constant attack by people like Hillary Clinton and her press, who all defend themselves with, “That’s not like us. We’re a nation of immigrants.” Her “Open Border” edicts will be a Saul Alinsky imperative to import more potential Democrat voters placed carefully in some little community far from the elite enablers.

The central point of Noonan’s article recognizes that the elites like Merkel, Clinton, Obama, etc and their above-it-all cohorts, endorse aggressive immigration because like dirty laundry, it is socially separated from their own exclusive environments.  The people “living below” the elites are the ones who will be confronting the demeaning consequences involving terrorism, increasing crime, cultural and physical assaults, hostility, inability to assimilate and loss of jobs.  But “Nothing in the elites’ lives will get worse.”

And she adds, “The larger point is that this is something we are seeing all over, the top detaching itself from the bottom, feeling little loyalty to it or affiliation with it.” Merkel’s Germany and other countries with self-destructive ignorant unawareness of the devastating cultural deterioration caused by immigration, especially from Islamic countries, defend the agenda as, “The positive effects of globalization.”  Noonan says, “The result is wide spread public furor over crime, cultural dissimilation and fear of terrorism.”

And people wonder why Brexit really came about?  Or why an invasion of migrants transforms a country?  No country can survive the sheer weight of vast numbers of bodies, especially when the beliefs of the new bodies threaten national sovereignty, individual freedom and retrogression into third world diminishment of life.  Ben Franklin stated it clearly when asked what the founding Fathers had created: “A Republic, if you can keep it.” His meaning is a warning that every democratic Republic in history has self-destructed because its freedoms were slowly eroded by leaders who undermined or subverted its principles or over-whelmed its population.

Here’s an apt analogy which explains why the Obama and Clinton “I I I” agenda (Islamist Immigration Invasion) will help “crash” America and fulfill Ben Franklin’s “prediction.”  It’s called “The Overloaded Aircraft Analogy.” (Happening now in Europe) Think of the U.S. as an aircraft.  Like any aircraft that carries passengers, if the number exceeds the allowance, based on the weight the aircraft can carry, the aircraft risks serious consequences that can cause the aircraft to crash.  Similarly, if a country is massively inundated with immigrants, particularly from jurisdictions that because of their ideology, culture and legal system (Sharia) will not assimilate, the country’s ability to function deteriorates.  Its culture and rule of law are gradually undermined.  As it loses parts and abilities to function, its sovereignty erodes – and like an aircraft it crashes!