Young Americans for Liberty launches massive nationwide recruitment effort

young american
© denisfilm / 123RF Stock Photo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) will launch its annual recruitment drive in order to expand and promote the ideas of liberty throughout college campuses nationwide. This national recruitment drive will include 500 events on over 400 campuses, seeking to engage with hundreds of thousands of young voters from across the political spectrum.

According to Pew Research, an estimated 69 million millennials are of voting age, which means that for the first time, millennials match Baby Boomers as the largest electorate. Millennials make up the most diverse, entrepreneurial and educated generation in history, and they do not fit neatly into a red or blue box.

Today’s political atmosphere is more polarizing than ever before, leaving young voters feeling ignored, uninterested, and under-represented. They are looking for a new path forward.

YAL’s Executive Director, Cliff Maloney Jr. had the following to say about the Fall Recruitment Drive launch: “Through aggressive recruitment efforts, YAL seeks to identify and recruit thousands of new members. Together, we can create a new path forward rooted in the principles of liberty.”

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