Preliminary Carefree and Cave Creek Election Results

preliminary results

There is a new formula for calculating how many votes are required to be elected outright to council in the primary without requiring a runoff election in November. Based on preliminary results, it appears both towns have elected their mayor and council during the Aug. 30 primary and neither town will require a runoff election.

The results are as follows (winners in bold):

Carefree Mayor Votes (413 required)

Les Peterson 824

Carefree Council Votes (340 required)

John Crane 706

Mike Farrar 666

Michael Krahe 657

Cheryl Kroyer 703

Gene Orrico 664

Jim Van Allen 674

Cave Creek Mayor Votes (545 required)

Ernie Bunch 623

Anna Marsolo 229

Janelle Smith-Haff 235

Cave Creek Council Votes (445 required)

Susan Clancy 579

Paul Diefenderfer 427

Mary Elrod 619

C.W. Jensen 347

Thomas McGuire 609

Reg Monachino 425

James O’Toole 277

David Smith 639

Ron Sova 533

John Vannucci 323

Eileen Wright 549

Prop 491 (Home Rule) Votes

Yes 591

No 531

Prop 492 (General Plan) Votes

Yes 415

No 701