Bill Payne

With the 15th anniversary of September 11th so close, it is fitting we revisit that horrible event with the advantage of hindsight improved by the accumulated research and subsequent evidence revealed over these intervening years. It is tempting for many of us to glance back at that day of awesome destruction and wholesale murder of our compatriots and go no farther than to either accept the explanation of its genesis as it was told to us, or reject it, and then drop the subject.

However, as painful and difficult as it is to revisit, this is not one of those topics for light discussion and easy dismissal. At the simplest level, the executive leadership of our country, the military leadership of our country and our pride and joy, the world’s most advanced and expensive intelligence multiplex, failed us worse than miserably that day. But even more unfortunately, there is clear evidence of foreknowledge by way of pre 911 stock market activity, most notably “put options” against American Airlines and United Airlines, on which millions of dollars were made.

Many websites, including that of Scholars for 911 Truth and Justice, list many instances of 911 foreknowledge from that just mentioned to specific memoranda and verbal warnings to specific individuals to not fly on September 11th. Even a shallow internet perusal of 911 foreknowledge reveals that the FBI, CIA, Department of Defense, Attorney General John Ashcroft and the entire Executive Branch team ignored or downplayed many specific warnings of the upcoming attack. It is common knowledge that BBC’s Jane Stanley reported the unfortunate “collapse” of WTC 7 over 20 minutes before it’s actual occurrence, while standing in front of a monitor, clearly showing WTC 7 still standing. This is very easy to find in a web search.

The worse than miserable performance of our government, all the while claiming these attacks were an unknowable surprise, accompanied by very compelling evidence of its foreknowledge, is sufficient reason for us regular citizens to expect and demand as necessary a new and independent investigation of this now 15 year old Terrorist Attack.

The 911 Commission that finally formed to “investigate” this attack in 2013 admitted they were set up to fail. They received all of their data from the obscure National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), which in turn received their data from paid contractors who were subsequently sued in federal court for giving fraudulent analysis and testimony to a government body. Three of these federal lawsuits were brought by scientists noted in their fields: Dr. Morgan Reynolds, Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Jim Fetzer. On September 19, 2008, all three lawsuits were, at once, dismissed with prejudice, without having even been reviewed by Judge George B. Daniels. Multiple “Requests for Correction” have been filed with NIST over their impossible statements regarding the physical “collapse” of the three WTC towers. Do a quick search of David Chandler, a high school and college physics instructor who easily and clearly disproves the NIST and 911 Commission report with multiple arguments, the most notable being freefall time.

Even this most cursory federal investigation was not allowed by the then current administration until two years after Sept 11, 2001, when the living victims of that attack forced our unwilling government. By then, all of the crime scene evidence had been illegally removed and permanently disposed of. That is, all of the removable evidence. There remains photographic, video, personal testimony, some few samples of dust and steel and the math of physics. Strangely, the 911 Commission was forbidden from exploring the initiating cause of the “collapses.” Their examination was only to regard specifically the fall of WTC1 and WTC 2 after the impact of the supposed airliners. The anomalous total “collapse” of WTC 7 was not treated in the 911 committee report, although it was considered by NIST, who eventually was forced, under challenge, to admit freefall had occurred. This is significant, because for freefall of a multistory building to occur, its entire supporting structure of columns and beams must simultaneously and symmetrically cease to be a solid supporting structure, otherwise the descending upper floors will encounter the resistance of the still standing columns and prevent freefall acceleration. It is soundly accepted that asymmetrical damage to a high rise structure cannot result in a symmetrical collapse, which means simply, no freefall. In other words, the bottom had to be eliminated before the top reached it, floor by floor, symmetrically.

We Americans have taken our eye off of the ball. Like the nice kid sulking away from the bully, we have made the easiest of immediate choices. We have failed to do our homework. We have failed to study for the test. We have failed to make the government, BY, FOR, and OF THE PEOPLE, accountable to THE PEOPLE, for an accurate explanation of why they miserably failed us and covered it up. We have lost valuable freedoms to the “Patriot Act,” which is not in the least Patriotic. There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet that has not and apparently will never be addressed by a complicit mainstream media. Be brave and start searching for the truth. Visit “Pilots for 911 Truth.” Visit “Military Officers for 911 Truth.” Visit Major General Stubblebine online.

We simply must demand a new and accurate investigation and report on the events of September 11, 2001, and we must take away from our provably incompetent government the ability to cherry pick the data, the panel of independent investigators and the conclusions from the report. It is Patriotic to question our government. It is Patriotic to expect and demand the safety of our compatriots. Based on that, it is Patriotic to question the “Patriot Act.”

Bill Payne is a lifelong Creeker who is passionate about our country, a patriot to be sure.