Better healthcare at lower costs

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Greatly reduce emergency room visits to save 25 percent and more

If you are feeling like most American business owners these days, the cost of healthcare for your employees and the associated impact of ACA are at or near the top of your list of primary concerns. Quest Global Benefits, a provider of healthcare cost containment services, offers a clear choice for improving the quality of healthcare while reducing the cost by up to 25 percent and more.

For every 1,000 Quest members there is a total possible annual savings of over $450,000, primarily by eliminating approximately 225 out of the average 350 annual Emergency Room visits (at an average cost of $2,000) using Concierge Medical Triage. Member callers are directed to the appropriate level of care 24/7.

Employee health has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Globally, companies need to recognize their employee’s health and well being should be treated as a long term capital investment. This capital health investment in their workers will contribute globally to their entire company. A company cannot be healthy unless the people providing their product and services are. Quest Global Benefits services educate and direct people to the proper level of medical care.

Quest Global Benefits’ short and long term strategy for companies is to provide them with a way to diminish their workman’s compensation claims and increase worker productivity. They provide education to prevent occupational injuries and illness. If and when an incident occurs, Quest Global Benefits provides medical call center triage and captures and records the incident data. If the incident is reportable, they transmit the required “First Report of Injury” data to the appropriate state agency.

They also insure improved worker and family health through preventive medicine, referral to the appropriate level of medical care and personal health education.

Quest Global Benefits’ premier capability is Concierge Medical Triage – medical triage directing callers to the appropriate level of care by providing a 24/7 Triage and Education line. There are four levels of care: Emergency Room, Urgent Care, Convenience Office and Physician’s Office.

Concierge Triage will help a caller through the process of determining what level of care is needed to ensure for proper care and what needs to be done until the time of professional treatment and care.

For every 1,000 members, approximately 225 out of the average 350 annual Emergency Room visits can be saved. With an average Emergency Room visit cost of $2,000 there is a total possible annual savings of over $450,000.

If you are concerned about high quality, low cost healthcare you will want to explore this new opportunity to elevate the level of healthcare for you and your employees while reducing costs 25 percent and more.

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Quest Global Benefits is dedicated to quality, compassion, integrity and lowering healthcare costs with every offering in their portfolio. Founder Dr. Rick R. Redalen, has decades of practice as a physician and entrepreneurial experience as founder and former Chief Medical Officer of ExitCare, the premier, best of brand company in the US producing patient education that was recently acquired by Elsevier, a part of Reed Elsevier PLC.