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Don SorchychI remember about 10 years ago current Congress candidate Russ Wittenberg stopped by the local church when I was taking pictures of illegal aliens being employed. Wittenberg had much to say about the deceit of the government about 911. I was with a friend of the time and he gave facial expression of lack of interest. Wittenberg said, “What? You think I am a kook?” My friend answered in the affirmative. After scorching my friend with rhetoric I can’t print here, Wittenberg threw gravel while leaving.

I found out how Wittenberg felt when Sonoran News was labeled “Birther” when we contested Obama’s so called birth certificate. There was no doubt then or now that his answer to the world was bogus. But we were thrown under the conspirator bus.

My interest grew as conversations with my friend and best man often spoke about 911 and pointed out discrepancies he found in government answers about the event. Bill Payne is a man of many skills and once Dee Dee Wood, famous choreographer, called and wondered why I didn’t tell the world of readers that Bill is a genius. He is, but is very unassuming guy.

During vetting Wittenberg to be a congressman the issue of 911 was raised and he gave me sources about 911 issues. Sources are numerous and I chose Pilotsfor911truth.

One of the speakers on that web page is Wittenberg. Wittenberg flew 100 combat missions in Vietnam and flew commercial aircraft for United and Pan Am for 30 years. With all that training and experience he is an aviation expert par excellence.

Our conversations covered some issues that are hard to not believe. For example was the Pentagon actually hit by a Boeing 757? Freedom of Information (FOI) documents prove none did and that the wreckage was not from a 757. Government ability to close off areas with a crime or crash zone keeps public out of such areas. Reaction to applications for FOI take years to be answered, if ever.

The wreck of flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania also remains a mystery. The hole supposedly created by a crash could not have been from a Boeing 757. Read this excerpt from 911blogger.com.

“Many people who witnessed the site where United Airlines Flight 93 is supposed to have gone down on September 11, 2001, have said how little it resembled what they expected the scene of a plane crash to look like.

According to official accounts, Flight 93, the fourth plane to be hijacked on September 11, crashed in a field in Pennsylvania after its courageous passengers and crew members attempted to retake control of their plane. However, numerous individuals who spent time at the supposed crash site have described seeing almost nothing resembling wreckage from a plane there. Some witnesses have recalled seeing little or no human remains at the site. And although Flight 93 was reportedly “heavily laden with jet fuel” when it crashed, investigators found no contamination from jet fuel in the soil and ground water around the site.”
Arouse any suspicion?

Another big issue is why building WTC 7 crashed to the ground even though it wasn’t struck by a plane. The building 7 owner during the building collapses allegedly said “Pull it” and the building dropped the way buildings do with controlled demolition. Critics wonder why he did that and also why it had explosives in house for it to happen. Government sources claim it simply fell from fire damages from the two buildings. The two WTC buildings fell in a similar way which once again brings up the question of pre-arranged demolition explosives in the buildings.

Some sophisticated technology was discussed which can actually cause splitting at the molecular level. This suspicion arises from analysis of the quantity of debris that was left and building pollutants.

This is a massive undertaking and the blogs show that the suspicions are BS. Maybe some are, but I think what I have discussed here is worth further work and analysis.

I have always dreamed of a means to harness all the small, but conservative papers a in the USA to create competition against current large media which sold out to leftist causes.