Poll dancing

Is there anything to be believed in the polling statistics that are regurgitated daily on every news outlet in America? I doubt it. From the very beginning of the current Presidential Primary contest the numbers have leaped all over the board. Carson beats Rubio, Cruz trounces Bush, Hillary out-paces Trump, and, of course, Bernie beats everybody because we all want everything for free. Then there were two.

No one believed Mr. Trump’s primary polling until he ran away with it all, but now pundits predict he’ll never best the Hilldabeast. The convention bounces first gave Trump seven, then Hillary ten; then nearly even in battleground states. One poll even gave Trump a half a point lead in California, really? Trump has gained ground in the Black precincts, but as they say, “If you torture the statistics long enough they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.”

All of this poll dancing has confirmed for me that the only polling that means a damn thing is what occurs on November 8. Let us pray Mr. Trump tops that poll.

Randy Edwards

Cave Creek