For a crack chiropractor, see Dr. Todd Meyers!

Todd Meyers

CAVE CREEK – When you need a good doctor, the best way to find one is to ask around. Ask patients of Dr. Todd Meyers and they can’t give more glowing referrals about the Cave Creek chiropractor.

Raymond Merriman, who owns three homes, sees chiropractors all over the world. He offered, “Dr. Meyers is special for several reasons. He diagnoses the problem (for me) accurately every time. He makes the correct adjustments every time and explains easily (in layman’s terms) what he is doing, and why it benefits me. He offers advice or choices on anything related to the body that I ask, and it is always correct.”

One “staff member” clients rave about is Lucy, the canine greeter. Kym Bolar commented, “Dr. Meyers, (office manager) Amanda, and of course, Lucy, are always so warm and welcoming to everyone who walks in the door. What makes Dr. Meyers such a great wellness provider is he really listens to your individual concerns and asks all the right questions to ensure the best treatment plan for you as an individual, and teaches you how stay on track with at-home exercises. He is available for any questions you may have, or for off hours emergencies, which has been a blessing! My dogs, Cassie, Oscar and Lil Guy, have all been for treatments, with excellent results!”

Wife and husband Rosemarie and John Grizzard not only appreciate the levity they find at the office but wanted to share their experience on Meyers’ unique treatment room. “My husband and I were fortunate to find Dr. Meyers for relieving the stresses of every day.  He and his staff are the most friendly, gracious and knowledgeable professionals we have found. My husband has a great sense of humor and we find our overtures to make Dr. Meyers smile are always met with funny comments of his own. Don’t be put off by his ‘community’ treatment room. When Dr. Meyers treats you, you are the ‘only’ patient in the room.”

As a nurse, Mary Rizza knows how important it is to take care of oneself. “I’ve been going to Dr. Meyers since 2011. Due to normal aging, coupled with my profession that requires lifting, pulling and prolonged sitting at times, I found myself becoming stiff, less flexible and noticeably uncomfortable. Since being treated by Dr. Meyers, intermittently, for flare-ups and/or maintenance, I have had significant increase in my flexibility and feel wonderful.”

Knowing how important office staff is, she added, “Amanda, his office manager, is wonderful and keeps the office organized and she’s accurate in her billing and office responsibilities. She greets you with a warm welcome, which puts one at ease.

“Last but not least, I have to mention Lucy, the beautiful little dog that also greets you when you enter the office. She is friendly and well behaved.”
Not only is Meyers chiropractor to Steve Dyal but he’s also considered a friend! Dyal explained, “Dr. Meyers is not only our chiropractor but like a lifelong friend. We have been seeing him for 19 years. He has seen our family grow up and our joke is we put his kids through college. He greatly appreciates that. Always a warm, friendly, relaxed feeling when you go to get adjusted. He amazes us as to how he can tell what’s going on with us, just by rubbing his magical hands up and down our backs.”

The horse people among us will appreciate Patricia Redekop’s experience. “I am a relatively new client of Dr. Meyers. Since relocating to Cave Creek a little over five years ago, I had been remiss in receiving chiropractic care and my back started to give me problems. I do a fair bit of aggressive horseback riding-ranch sorting, primarily-which can stress the back muscles pretty good. Dr. Meyers is helping me a lot with his chiropractic treatment and exercises he has given me to do at home. Within a month of getting Dr. Meyers’ care, my back is giving me very little discomfort.  Dr. Meyers, along with his assistant, Amanda, provide a friendly, professional and relaxing office environment.”

It speaks volumes when other chiropractors are nearby but you make a trek to see a very special one like Belva Barrick does. “Dr. Meyers has helped relieve me of pain due to two whiplashes and a work-related back and shoulder accident. He is accurate in finding the spots that need adjusting and also shows what exercises to do on your own that will help strengthen the muscles to hold the bones in place. I like the laid-back atmosphere of his office, too. I like his expertise and treatment so much that I drive 34 miles one way just to go to him.”

Jim Tuemler had been to other doctors about his back pain. This year he started seeing Dr. Meyers, the first chiropractor he’s gone to, and in about 8 to 10 visits, he’s already feeling better. “I had heard of Dr. Meyers previously and my wife had gone to him and was happy, so I thought I’d give him a try. I am glad I did.”

If you’re seeking a chiropractor, Dr. Meyers’ patients can’t recommend him more highly. His office is conveniently located at 37234 N Cave Creek Rd. For appointments, phone 480-488-6890. For more information, see or like on Facebook.