Who Can You Trust?

Steele Coddington

These days the only thing many people trust is a Hebrew National hot dog. Their motto, “A hot dog you can trust,” confirms it as one of the few dependable, trustworthy reassurances of quality and taste. A rare exception in a country where currently there is more trust in a hot dog than in its present leader and his pick to be his successor. In spite of his (and her) noble sounding pronouncements regarding his administration’s achievements, the vast reality is most of the accomplishments twisted to look good, fabricated, obfuscations, spin, propaganda or lies. You cannot trust the most manipulative pair since the founding of the country.

I doubt Obama or any of his associates have ever eaten a hot dog you can trust. Too afraid it might change their genes and compel honesty in their disclosures. Their record of lies, aversions or avoidance of factual truths would win the Olympic Gold Medal for PREVARICATION. The former Secretary of State is a valedictorian graduate of The Progressive School of Falsehoods. She has replaced the famous Dr. Pinocchio as the school’s Dean with life time immediate tenure.

It’s not clear, but it’s rumored Bernie Sanders turned down the Assistant Dean’s job after a Russian friend revealed that if Hillary is elected President, she will appoint him Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. If that is true, historians are already predicting a fall of the American Republic comparable to The Fall of the Roman Empire. When that happens, the only people in America who can be trusted will be considered as dissidents. They will be labeled as unpatriotic because in the past they have been the most trusted voices in America. I’ll start with five of the most outstanding truth tellers in the country today:

Andrew C. McCarthy, author of “The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America,” and “Willful Blindness.” Both incredibly authoritative revelations by the prosecutor of the Blind Sheikh, disclose the undermining of America by the Muslim Brotherhood and the left.

Charles Krauthammer, whose genius assessment of American life and politics provides truth that can be trusted every day on TV and in printed articles.

Ann Coulter, author of “Adios America,” a courageous blockbuster revelation on the insidious consequences of immigration that will end America as the historical beacon of law and trust.

Heather MacDonald, an investigative journalist whose word is a bond that defies corruption. A Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor at City Journal, her many articles are authoritative truths delineating the attacks on U.S. Law Enforcement. Her Latest masterpiece, “The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe,” reveals the current slander of police officers. You can regard anything she writes as gospel.

Laura Ingraham, radio talk show hostess is a straight talking political Conservative and best selling author. She presents the current political scene with relevant assessments on what the truth really is, a true source of trust amid the slimy major media.

The radical left in America has become a permanent false-face hardened into a disguise to cover up the honest face of reality. You can never rely on a false face! The most glaring example: Obama’s continued reference to proven “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” as only unidentifiable, “Acts of Terror.” This practice covers up a death mask with a phony Obama false face. Do you trust false faces to protect you and your country? It’s shameful when you can trust a hot dog more than you do your leaders.