Brewer endorses Sherrif Babeu for Congress

Jan Brewer
Jan Brewer

To many it may seem like our nation is in dark times, but with the right leaders, we can make America strong and safe again.

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is one of those people. A firebrand who stood up to President Obama and was the architect of Arizona’s economic comeback.

She’s not to be messed with.

Now, she has endorsed Sherrif Babeu for Congress.

“We need leaders like Paul who get things done. Paul is a truth teller, just like me, who will take the fight against corrupt liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.”

His proven record of fighting crime, achieving Arizona’s largest drug bust and standing up against Obama proves he’s the fighter Arizona needs.”

He has the momentum and support and now he needs to close strong to win the primary on August 30 and begin the fight for victory in November.

Thank you Governor Brewer for being on Babeu’s team.