Cave Creek election

my view

Don Sorchych

I have received several dozen copies of an anonymous mailer from “Town of Cave Creek Truth” to Creekers reprinting a letter from Anna Marolo in my editorial. Marsolo is a candidate for Cave Creek Mayor who failed to come to our candidate forum, which gave all candidates a voice.

That letter is ancient, published years ago on a subject about which I happened to agree with Marsolo. I copied and printed her letter and wrote an editorial comment at the end.

None of that conveyed copyright privileges so whoever distributed the mailer is guilty of copyright infringement.

From the Purdue Copyright Infringement Office:

“The legal penalties for copyright infringement are:

“Infringer pays the actual amount of damages and profits.”

“The law provides a range from $200 to $150 for each work infringed.

“Infringer pays all attorneys fees and court costs.

“The court can issue an injunction to stop infringing acts.

“The court can impound the illegal works.

“The infringer can go to jail.

Also from Free Advice Legal:

“Criminal prosecution for copyright infringement extends to five years, civil is limited to three.” Although we don’t know right now who is behind Town of Cave Creek Truth, the person(s) who mailed it out has a guillotine swinging over his/her head for the next five years and we will sue. The same goes for other dark siders that have been warned.

Anna Marsolo is not qualified to be mayor, she missed our forum and the one at the Roadhouse too. Adding agony to her candidacy, she has filed a referendum against an ordinance passed unanimously by council. She will lose.

Janelle Smith-Haff is a one trick pony all about previously annexed property to the north of town.


That leaves candidate Ernie Bunch. Bunch fancies himself as a troubadour and he and his guitar have entertained folks in our bars. He claims to be a conservative but doesn’t always vote that way.

He voted for Eileen Wright for the planning commission even though she savaged the town with false claims when she last ran for council as part of the recently ousted slate. He voted twice for the Roadhouse “patio” even though they built the patio without permits on town property. When they sought to build it again he was the sole vote for it.

He is basically a crony capitalist!

In one last try to show him the light about his support for road closures, John Hoepper and I met him for lunch. Hoeppner was one of the town’s founders.

I asked for a pledge to only close the road for Wild West Days, Cactus Shadows Homecoming Parade and Fiesta Days. He refused. I asked why the town was permitting the use of parking lots for out of town businesses and the use of the public’s roads for motorcycle parking. He said he “would look in to it.” That is the political way of saying no.
Anyone running for mayor or council should first think of the impact on citizens, potentially voters, not town businesses. It is up to the business owners to be successful and none of the town’s business.

John Hoeppner owns NameQuest, providing global brand name development and research to the world’s leading companies since 1984.

In May of 2015 Hoeppner sent out an email questionnaire with 18 pages of questions. This is much of what he does for a living and mostly for blue ribbon customers.

He asked “Do you believe closing off two lanes of traffic for motorcycle parking on Cave Creek Road is a good idea?” 81.25 percent said NO.

The next question was: “Do you believe it is fair to citizens and other businesses for 2 or 3 bars/restaurants to be able to use the town government to close two lanes of Cave Creek Road at their discretion? 82.50 percent said NO.

Cave Creek Road is a single road that has to be available for citizen use and emergencies, not businesses that abuse their own parking and fail to use other means to solve their problems.

As a result of this I will not vote for Bunch.

I have said before I will not endorse any Dark Sider but if all of the candidates we have endorsed are seated two empty seats will remain. None of the dark side are qualified to be on council so I can only give you my opinion of the ranking of them,

The throwaways are those who didn’t come to our forum. They are, for mayor, Marsolo and Single Shot Smith-Haff.

For council, throwaways are Paul Diefenderfer, Jim O’Toole and John Vannucci, all no shows!

That leaves two other kind of throwaways, slate member Reg Monachino and the bottom of the slate loser Eileen Wright. Wright is dangerous. She appeared with the plaintiffs in court against Cave Creek regarding the horse trail lawsuit while serving as a planning commission member, our own Hillary Clinton. Monachino, who was removed from office during this year’s recall election, is unqualified, period.

That leaves C.W. Jensen, recent citizen and formerly in law enforcement, but check his background on Google and decide.

On the good citizen side we have Susan Clancy, Mary Elrod, Thomas McGuire, David Smith and Ron Sova. We heartily endorse all of them!