Jim Van Allen, a Carefree Icon

I first met Jim Van Allen when he was an active member of the MCSO Sheriff’s Posse.  Since I was the council member charged with managing the relationship with MCSO in the early 2000s I had the opportunity to watch Jim and his colleagues do their job.  Jim was a constant presence in both Carefree and Cave Creek, patrolling the area in his squad car. After almost 8 years of service to the community as a member of the Posse, Jim became the first ever write in candidate to win a seat on the Carefree Town Council. `

Jim has continued his love of Carefree, his conservative dedication to the folks in the town, and for the past three years he has been the one person you would find at every council meeting as well as any other town meetings of importance.  He often speaks up in support of residents, and along with John Traynor, provides residents and friends of Carefree with information they need on current issues facing Carefree.  Using the new Carefree’s Future Matters newsletter and related website, www.CarefreesFutureMatters.com, they keep us all informed regarding what is really going on in town.

Jim is once again a candidate for the Carefree Town Council.  Please be sure to mark your mail-in-ballot to help elect Jim, as I would proudly do, if Sue and I were still residents in your great town.

Bob Coady

Former Carefree Town Councilman