Famous ornate flintlocks

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Unusual historical nicknames have long held a particular fascination for me. Monikers such as Ivan the Terrible, Timur the Lame, Louis the Pious and Ethelred the Unready would be a truncated list of such sobriquets. Last week I discovered a new name for consideration – Hunkydory Holmes. Old HH was a deputy sheriff in nineteenth century Arizona.

Maryland is the wealthiest state in the U.S.A., if one gauges such a determination by median household incomes.

Hawaii is covered wholly by its own time zone and is the only state in the union to enjoy such status.

Most sharks are cold blooded, but not all. Some species such as the Great White are warm blooded. This trait gives advantages in speed, rapid growth and hunting efficiency. A downside of being warm blooded is that endothermic sharks must consume approximately 10 times as many calories as would a similar sized cold blooded Selachimorpha.

Frequently victims of profiling, the Toxorhynchites are a species of mosquito that are often quite large and slow. This particular type of mosquito never bites anyone or any animal. It feeds entirely from plants, mostly on nectars. Be that as it may, I swat.

By the way, the Zika virus is not a new discovery. It was identified and described in 1947 in Uganda.

Engineers at the Wyss Institute (Harvard) have developed shoe insoles that hold great promise for those hindered by poor balance – with the elderly being a primary target population. The invention vibrates and adjusts pressures while continuously correcting many balance problems. Marketing licenses are being sought as product tests continue. Some who have tried the product claim that the vibrating insoles are “absolutely marvelous, surpassing all expectations.”

King Cobras are the world’s longest species of venomous snakes. An adult specimen can obtain a length of more than 18 feet and weigh in excess of 20 pounds. Yield right of way. I might add that an extinct venomous snake once thrived in what is now Greece. Fossil remains indicate the monster (Laophis crotaloides) was “only” 13 feet long, but weighed about 50 pounds.

Do you collect any items as a hobby? For those who collect noteworthy firearms, I mention that George Washington’s saddle pistols might soon be available at auction. They last sold for $1,986,000 and have almost certainly increased in value since the last purchase date in 2002. So, bring your checkbook if you have hopes of procuring those famous ornate flintlocks – and have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at jkwhite46@gmail.com.