Shoot, don’t shoot

In Orlando a radical Islamic terrorist gives up his greatest gift, American citizenship and his life to slaughter 49 of his fellow citizens in the name of Allah. In a rush to the microphones the American left, Islamic apologists, Second Amendment haters all, blame America and law abiding gun owners. This was not a gun problem, but a terrorist problem that could have been stopped by a gun – in the right hands.

There is no outrage at the dozens of shooting victims in south Chicago every week in black on black crime for fear of being labeled Racist. And the increase in mass shootings during the Obama administration (many times higher than in Reagan’s presidency) is likewise ignored. As are, the many instances where lawfully armed Americans save lives each day.

We live in an era where the innocent are restricted and blamed and the guilty are apologized for. Our troops in Afghanistan are restricted from assaulting the Talaban until such time that they are fired upon; come on. And where was the “Go” order for the Orlando police to storm that nightclub and stop the carnage rather than wasting three hours and how many lives.

When it comes to evil bad guys and it is a question of shoot or don’t shoot, I say shoot and end the violence. Let the left howl.

Randy Edwards

Cave Creek