Russell Pearce

The “NEVERTRUMP” crowd is in reality supporting Hillary. No other way to put it. As more and more information comes out about the evil, lying, corrupt Hillary Clinton, we still have the nevertrump crowed. What does it take to recognize betrayal to our Party and more critically our Nation? As Sheriff Joe calls them “gutless Republicans.” I might go a little further and recognize their betrayal of America.

We were asked and pleaded with to vote for McCain the most hated and distrusted Republican in Washington with Flake right beside him and yep, we voted for them. Now we have the same crowd that supports the bi-partisan Washington Cartel trying to sneak in their Hillary support by working against Trump. How disgusting and hypocritical.

I was a strong Cruz supporter and still stand behind Sen. Cruz and Sen. Lee the stalwarts of Constitutional stewardship. But, I believe Trump to be one who brings hope to America and will fix much of what is broken. At least he loves America and will put America First.

I hope that next election that Trump will campaign against these folks who refuse help save this Republic. You want to know what is wrong with our Party, it is these weak kneed politicians that refuse to do what they promised, who refuse to stand up for America, the rule of law and traditional values. They continue to refuse to fix things. They pander to the left, they fund Obamacare after promising to stop it, and they fund Common Core after promising to stop it. They fund the UnConstitutional back door Amnesty by Obama after promising to stop it. They allow the Courts to trample states’ rights and the out of control judicial corruption.

When do we hold them accountable? We have passed Resolution after Resolution at the State Republican Organizational meetings only to be ignored by our elected elite. They are either liars as Flake has admitted, as the documented McCain lie; so why do we put up with it? Enough is Enough.

Resolutions Passed year after year:

* Repeal the 17th Amendment

* Strengthen our 2nd Amendment Rights

* Secure the Border

* Strict enforcement of our immigration laws

* State’s Rights

* Protect the unborn

* Undue the UnConstitutional acts of Obama

* Stop the illegal Amnesty

* Traditional Marriage One Man and One Woman,

* Religious Freedom

* Defund Planned Parenthood

* End the reign of activist judges

* Elect all Judges in Arizona

* Enforce employer sanctions, “Arizona’s Fair and legal Employment Act”

* Strict enforcement of SB1070, “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act.”

* Over-turn Plyler V Doe Supreme Court’s UnConstitutional ruling

For example of why we cannot trust some politicians. GOP Liberal Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Susan Collins of Maine are seeking Democratic co-sponsorship for a bill that they believe would straddle the line between warring liberals and conservatives. What a bunch of bull, just another sound bite to steal our God given rights. These rights were to be protected at all costs. In good time and in bad times. There is NEVER a good reason to disarm law abiding citizens! It is UnConstitutional and it is immoral and it is STUPID.

The only thing that protects you from a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Bad guys don’t follow the law. ALL mass shootings for the past decade have been in “Gun Free Zones.” Only gun free to law abiding citizens.

If it makes them feel better, maybe they should pass a law making it illegal for anyone to break the law? Makes sense right? That should solve their problem.

None of the proposals would have stopped any of the mass shootings, including Orlando. However, what they do is weaken our God given rights recognized by our Founders. 2nd Amendment says Shall Not Be Infringed. Citizens have a Constitutional right to due process before their God given rights are taken and not just that they are on a list.

You trust a liberty hating administration to be fair? Who put them on this list? How do they get off from this list? Do they know they are on this list?

Arizona Republican voters choose Donald Trump by a 2 to 1 margin. I am a strong Donald Trump supporter now and will do my part in restoring “hope” to save this Republic from the likes of corrupt Hillary Clinton. This Republic cannot survive 4 to 8 years of what we have just gone through.

Russell Pearce is a Republican former member of the Arizona State Senate who rose to national prominence as the primary sponsor of Arizona SB1070 which was signed into law in 2010.

It is about time we lite a fire under our so called elite and put saving this Republic First. Arizona Delegates to the Republican Convention in Cleveland, do not betray Arizona and America. If need be go to then to Commentary link.

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