Congressmen say THIS constitutional right does not apply to “climate change” skeptics

Unsure what you believe about climate change and global warming? Be careful what you say – according to 19 U.S. Congressmen, the First Amendment does not protect climate change skeptics.

The California Congressmen stated their position recently in a letter to California state attorney general Kamala Harris, who is investigating Exxon Mobile as well as numerous conservative think tanks and scientists on their statements regarding climate change. They’re accusing the oil company of “defrauding the American people” by not coming out in support of “climate change science.”

According to these Congressmen, the Constitution really shouldn’t get in the way of advancing the current administration’s policy agendas. The same goes for the Second Amendment. And the Tenth. They’re able to make such outlandish claims because the Supreme Court has for years interpreted the Constitution as a “living document,” subject to the whims and opinions of the times.

Only one solution can effectively stop this nonsense: an Article V Convention of States. A Convention of States can propose constitutional amendments that clarify the precise nature of our rights and freedoms under the founding document. These amendments can limit the power of the Supreme Court to legislate from the bench and give state legislatures a powerful recourse if the Courts (or Congress or the President) overstep their power and ignore the clear meaning of the Constitution.

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