Trust the political pollsters? Yah-shure!

On 23 June 2016, Britain chose to secede from the European Union, despite published polls that indicated (falsely) that Britons would vote to remain in the group. Even Britain’s noted (or notorious, in this case) bookies were giving overwhelming odds in favor of remaining in the Union.

American voters, who are usually clueless and lazy, always let themselves be guided by what political pollsters want them to hear. After all “It’s good to be on the winning side.” This is especially influential when the first East Coast tallies are announced, since the halo effect pushes people in Middle America, the Left Coast, Alaska and Hawaii to join the “me too” gaggle. Let us face it: Both the LameStream EneMedia and the polling organizations in the USA are leftists whose only task is to guide The Sheeple into the Socialist-to-Marxist holding pen at the abattoir. Glowing reports about their favorite political candidates are issued by the hour, not to inform but rather to steer.

British media were sure BREXIT would fail. History shows otherwise. Britons want restricted immigration, renegotiation or repeal of commercial treaties and a stronger national defence (defense in YankSpeak). So do newly-awakened Americans.

Yes – I will vote for Trump. Well, not really exactly FOR this brash, rude, caricature of “W.C. Fields meets P.T. Barnum,” but AGAINST the favorite disciple of Marxist terrorist Saul Alinsky. I will consider it a dose of castor oil, whose beneficial cathartic effect will eventually prevent our nation from becoming another Venezuela.

J-P. A. Maldonado
Lafayette, Colorado