Democracy is worth celebrating

It’s a given that 240 years is a mere blink of time when compared to the billions of years since the Big Bang. Still, that which happened in 1776 had its own explosive effect, if not on the universe, than certainly on a species and the planet they call home.

The refrain goes “Democracy is not perfect, but it’s the best form of government there is.” But what if democracy is perfect? Perfect for people of diverse backgrounds to live in united collective states. The flaws attributed to democracy fall more to human failings than to the political system. So maybe we should stop trying to change a political philosophy and instead work on improving our philosophic shortcomings.

True, America is more a Republic than a democracy. Something called the Electoral College nuances us to accept that definition. But still, given a choice among political systems, like monarchy, oligarchy, theocracy, dictatorship, communism, autocracy, enlightened despot and democracy, the choice is an incredibly simple one.

With the hindsight of over two-hundred years, of course, the choice is clear and easy. But back in 1776, with what were then colonists, the choice was risky and the path anything but clear. Men and women put their lives on the line not only for a new form of government but for an ideal, an ultimate reach for the stars that spelled its core values in, We the People and We hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident and All Men Are Created Equal. There is the quantum world of physics and the quantum leaps of mankind. The year 1776 was one of those times humans leaped.

We’re ten years shy of being a quarter of a millennium into this great experiment. Over July 3-4, we in Cave Creek will gather in the Historic Core with our fellow citizens, friends and neighbors from surrounding communities for the annual tribal American celebration of Independence Day. We do so knowing full well that it will be our children’s children many times over who will whoop it on July 4, 2776. But that’s okay. Democracy is worth celebrating today and in the tomorrows that come.

Mayor Vincent Francia
Cave Creek