Sunset Blvd.

Observing the President during his visit to Elkhart, Indiana one can only conclude that the man is jealous of his worst nightmare – Donald Trump. Mr. O finds himself no longer in the spotlight, no fainting spells at the sight of him, no Greek pillars nor audio reverberation to emulate the voice of God while he addresses the fateful and misguided.

Even the “Clinton News Network,” (CNN) focuses their reporting on the, always news worthy, Republican candidate while overlooking Hillary’s misadventures leaving Mr. Obama unnoticed for coverage. But, this President will not go quietly as tradition dictates. The Obamas have rented a home close to the action in D.C. and now that Hillary is officially the Democrat candidate, Barry has endorsed and relishes his return to the campaign trail. (Did he ever leave it?) He does so knowing that he holds over her the only word she fears – indictment! He never loved his job, but he does love the power.

Mr. Obama has dominated the limelight for eight grim years showcasing his arrogance, outraging lawful Americans waving his Marxist banner proudly over the devastation he has brought. Still arrogant in the twilight of his regime, he now looks desperate for attention as he becomes old news dashing from camera to camera, like Norma Desmond in Sunset Blvd. seeking that last closeup. He remains a dangerous man, but his media importance floats face-down in the press pool.

Randy Edwards
Cave Creek