Revital-AZ now offers award-winning, non-surgical Coolsculpting

CAREFREE – Clients are loving the results they are getting at Revital-AZ Laser and Med Spa. Since opening in December 2015, owner Rosalie Andaverde, RN, is equally as thrilled to be able to see the amazing changes each time a patient comes in. As such, “We are getting a lot of word of mouth referrals,” she said.

All the services, from laser therapy/photofacials (skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal) to medical aesthetics (Botox, dermal fillers) to IV vitamins/nutrient therapy (for increased energy, immunity, anti-aging) have been so well received that Andaverde and her medical director, Dr. Mark Biliack, have added Coolsculpting. CoolSculpting is the “only FDA-cleared fat-freezing procedure that uses controlled cooling to eliminate stubborn fat that resists all efforts through diet and exercise.” It’s non-invasive (unlike liposuction) and results are often evident after one or two sessions. Under the watchful eyes of these medical professionals, Revital-AZ will be the only facility in Carefree to offer Coolsculpting. “Everyone we mentioned it to loved the idea,” Andaverde and Biliack agreed. Before swimsuit season is over, visit Revital-AZ for a complimentary professional consult. (Remember to ask about their newest vitamin B12 injections with “fat burner” to help promote weight loss.) No matter your procedure, “you won’t find any laser techs” at this spa.

Once you’re svelte and trim, consider what’s commonly known as a “Vampire facelift.” PRP – platelet rich plasma – aesthetic treatments address wrinkles, volume loss and general aging. This is beneficial over traditional fillers since it does not introduce foreign substances to the body (it comes from one’s own blood) and it stimulates one’s own stem cells to correct issues. The stunning stars in Hollywood have been privy to this secret for about five years!

If you’d like to start out with on-your-own, topical treatments first, stop in Revital-AZ for a full line of Revision skincare products. They are medical-grade with proven results!

Revital-AZ is open Mon – Sat and by appointment. It is located at 7401 Easy St. Ste. D. See or phone 480-629-5776 to begin your own revitalization.