According to PVT South

Dearly Beloved, the votes are in and the table is set, Hillary is ready to be Queen and Trump is in a hurry to be King. The Democrats and the powers to be have circled the wagons for Hillary and their latest bulletin for the voters (Wall Street would prefer a Clinton Presidency): a lie is still as good as the truth if everyone believes it. The liberal press will hang in there until the end. Obama endorsed Hillary early so she just got a get out of jail free card. Have you noticed at Hillary rallies enthusiastic women holding up (fighting for us) posters? You would think the Queen is running for President of the PTA, instead of President of the USA. Obama has helped turn America into a Nanny State and Hillary will only double down on the situation. Have you noticed we have three nannies on the Supreme Court, two in the White House making policy and females in Congress who are mostly Democrat doing their liberal thing? (And don’t forget the State Department)–another mess

Political Correctness is turning America into a half-assed country with women insisting on voting gender and blacks voting race. How is America supposed to be a number one world power acting that way? Looking at our military. How many female colonels, generals and admirals are on active duty and why? (Don’t forget all the gays and lesbians in the ranks.)

After the November elections China, Russia and North Korea will have an ugly surprise a lot more serious than what they have been doing lately. And once again We The People will not be ready. Hitler took Germany, a healthy nation in 1938, and turned it into rubble in just 8 years. Obama has been getting even with the Founding Fathers and the white men for slavery with help from the press and news media and it shows.

Time to get a grip. Congress should make a new law for current and future presidents that if they are found guilty of undermining the stability of the United States that causes serious harm to this nation, they should forfeit their secret service protection for themselves and their family and no presidential library. (Following the Constitution more closely will help keep your powder dry.)

PVT South