June 8 – June 14, 2016


Stargazer-VivianCarolFor All Signs:  The Saturn- Neptune square affects us on a personal level.  It isn’t just about the world at large (see previous article).  There are those who have lied to themselves about reality who will find their denial tactics must come to an abrupt end.  Something will be standing in the mirror that represents a cracked illusion.  You can no longer tell yourself that things will be all right, that this can’t happen to you.  Almost everyone is in denial about something.  In the Western world, this is one of our favorite self-defense tactics.  However, we are probably not lost forever.  The solution is evident within the problem.  It is recognizable because it involves effort, work, and ongoing attention.  Those are Saturn’s requirements to extricate ourselves from the mire of difficulty.  So we must suck it up and do what is necessary to eliminate this problem.  See below for clues to how this aspect relates to you.  Read the paragraphs for both your sun sign and ascendant.

Aries:  The “rules” of law, justice, and all bodies of authority have been demanding more than their fair share of you.  What you feel may be exaggerated, but it is clear that something is wrong.  It is possible that you may be the victim of false rumors or gossip.  Now is the time for truth.  Past responsibilities come home to roost.  Those you have managed well will reward, or vice-versa.

Taurus:  Problems have been revealed via any of the following areas:  resources that you share with others (partner’s income, investments, IRS), issues concerning your estate and/or your inheritance, debtors that won’t pay or debts that you owe.  Meanwhile some of those whom you have called friends seem to evaporate.  Your clarity of vision about who is a friend is growing.

Gemini:  There are issues in your partnership that require attention.  Perhaps your partner has experienced a loss in his/her family and this requires you to take on more responsibility than is the norm.  You must be the strong one now.  This kind of issue can generate questions about your level of commitment.  If the relationship is good, it will survive and become stronger. 

Cancer:  Your Faith will be tested in any number of situations over the next few months.  Saturn is demanding that you have all your details, files, and requirements in order.  It could be called the Reality Police.  Your physical strength may be undermined by a long term condition that heretofore has not shown its face.  It will require effort, work, and attention to control and repair it.

Leo:  Realities have been exposed in your romance, creative life, and relationships to children.  It is possible that you are reaching the limits of your ability to manage things alone.  You are actually losing valuable resources, though the trail may not be clear.  Partner may not be able to contribute his/her share.  This could be simply inflation, or wherever you keep your savings is being charged unfairly.  Check your account(s) for deceptive practices.

Virgo:  Demands from family on your time and energy has been eroding your primary relationship.  Or perhaps it has been slowly degrading over time and now you are forced to recognize the problem.  If you want to resolve this issue, more work, effort, and ongoing attention has promise of correcting the issue.

Libra: The circle of your environment has become smaller, perhaps because your physical body can no longer keep up the pace.  Give attention to exercise, better sleep, or eliminate addictive patterns that may be draining your energy.  Use discernment about whether you are taking over problems that don’t belong to you.  Don’t give away your energy on other people’s issues. 

Scorpio:  You have needed to keep your financial belt pretty tight for well over a year.  It is possible you fantasized that help from an unknown source would rescue you.  That likely has not materialized.  You are realizing the illusion of what we call security.  You need a paycheck of your own.

Sagittarius:  Any relationship that could be identified as “codependent,” has shown itself in full clarity now.  You may be the one who has rescued ad nauseum and now you no longer have the emotional energy to continue.  Your sense of future direction may feel fuzzy and without structure.  Yet you must give it some kind of form in order to proceed.  Take only small steps for now.

Capricorn:  You know in your heart that you have come almost to the end of a career cycle.  You need to break free and get some rest before you tackle the next big project.  But it’s scary out there and of course, you need to earn a living.  Give special attention to your vision and also your hearing.  Don’t allow symptoms to continue without a thorough check.

Aquarius:  Financial resources may be drained.  Don’t go into debt by not giving attention to your checking account.  If you see this developing, stop and make a solid plan for how you are going to pay for what is needed.  You may be taking on someone else’s financial problem.  Be aware of the cost to you and also to the relationship for doing this.

Pisces:  The mask you wear out in the world has been fading.  You have sustained a blow to your ego or maybe your body.  Perhaps you  have defined yourself by your occupation or status in the world, and the sand is being sucked out from under you.  Don’t waste time in paralysis.  Saturn’s requirement is that you construct and commit to your direction.  If the old one doesn’t work anymore, and you need to create something new.

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