Triple R Horse Rescue is looking for volunteer support

Volunteers and Triple R Horse Rescue Supporters:  We need you! Triple R Horse Rescue has identified several committees that need volunteers.  Check out the groups below and please contact the sponsor if you are interested in helping out.

Horse Committee
Goal – responsible for the welfare of our equine guests.
Horse Intake: reviewing eligibility of potential new surrendered horses
Horse Adoption: includes home inspections prior to adoption and wellness visits afterwards, adoption paperwork
Vet relationship
Board Sponsor:  Dawne Britney –

Goal – responsible for maintenance of our rescue facilities
Maintenance of horse fencing / facilities / equipment
Maintenance of our three sheds
Oversee / conduct facility projects
Board Sponsor:  Terilynn Meeker –

Marketing / Communications
Goal – responsible for marketing / communications to the outside world to raise awareness about the rescue for fundraising and to attract great volunteers
Press releases / media relationship
Newsletter content
Website content
Facebook – respond to questions, post pictures, events & fun information, share other rescue’s horses
Board sponsor:  Stephanie Bacher –

Fund Raising
Goal – responsible for designing fundraising activities and to pursue any other kind of fundraising efforts (apply for grants, etc.) to raise money to support the Rescue
Design fundraisers to get donations for the rescue
Search for and apply for any applicable grants
Board sponsor:  Michele Schafer –

Goal – responsible for communicating to volunteers and coordinating volunteer efforts
Recruit volunteers
Training volunteers and orientation
Monitoring the chore calendar and making sure it is fully staffed
Coordinating volunteers to work on projects
Volunteer communications
Board sponsor:  Terilynn Meeker –

Goal – responsible for planning and executing events to support fundraising efforts, community awareness efforts and volunteer appreciation gatherings.
Brainstorming Rescue events
Planning & executing events
Board sponsor:  Courtney Olson –

Triple R Horse Rescue
Board of Directors