Neo-communism, Bernie’s real message

Steele Coddington

The real threat of Communism is expressed in this famous limerick: “There was an old bastard named Lenin Who did two or three million men in. That’s a lot to have done in, But where he did just one in That old bastard Stalin did ten in.”

But not to worry – that’s yesterday’s communism. Today’s version markets a “New Man” format. New leaders who have “transitional” happy face solutions based on their cheery impression of what they know society really needs. Their new description is “neo-communist”. Not a name publicized too much because the word is still threatening. It’s new scams help remove any memory of the known failures of the old ideology. It’s much more acceptably benign to call yourself a “democratic socialist” or progressive. But the reality is America’s hard left, including Obama, Hillary and Sanders, can best be defined by their public agendas. Voila! Neo-communists! That conclusion is validated by an amazingly increasing number of intellectuals like David Horowitz who has defined neo-communism as, “Alive and well and is now the heart of the progressive movement and Democrat Party.” He is joined in that opinion by the overwhelming intellect Andrew McCarthy, author of “The Grand Jihad,” who identifies Obama as a student of Saul Alinsky and as a neo-communist. (Hillary, by the way, was a serious acolyte of the same Alinsky!) But Bernie Sanders’ promotion of his “democratic socialism” has mesmerized the millennial ignoramuses so convincingly, that over 52 percent in the latest polls approve socialism over capitalism. Shocking, when they could research on their cell phones and discover the truth that defines the aspects of both socialism and communism, as opposed to the garbage they are fed by their liberal professors and the major media. TV and the Press have become adult pacifiers for the ignorant. “Come suck on us,” they implore, “And we’ll be your ‘trigger warnings’ to reassure you it’s okay to believe us as we endorse or spin the neo-communist ideology.” Check out the true Bernie Sanders in a Feb. 22, 2016 Investors Business Daily editorial labeled, “SOCIALIST OR OUT-AND-OUT STALINIST.” They listed his, ” Long resume of radicalism,” and participation in various communist meetings for years. His agenda is replete with focus on the hard left’s agenda. You know it well. Bring down capitalism, support the socialism/communism play book, ever the same, featuring: Redistribution of Wealth, Inequality, Class Warfare, Raise Taxes on the Rich, etc, etc, etc. Always including unfairness, using racism, gender warfare, homophobia, discriminatory police, or lately “bathroom use.” All ways to distort or subvert the Rule of Law with “Social Justice.”

So here’s a new limerick for Sanders: “There is an old commie named Bernie With idiot ideas on his President’s journey. Redistribution’s a communist dream, And raising taxes is sick and obscene, Just the thought he might win makes me squirmy!!