Leadership failure

I took our dog for a walk at sunset this evening thru the botanical garden in the center of Carefree.  By the time l got to the sundial, it was dark.  It became immediately obvious that none of the LED lighting running up the sides of the sundial’s gnomon was functional, except for a short length at the base.  And it has been like this for months.

I find it bothersome that the town management has no problem expending our financial resources on projects such as the recent bike lane and slurry coating of roadways; feel good projects like the splash pool and the biggest boondoggle of all; the oversized, monumental gateways leading the purported throngs of shoppers to the myriad of vacant storefronts in the town core.

All this, yet they can’t find the resources to keep the sundial, Carefree’s signature monument, fully illuminated for all to enjoy.

Perhaps the town council needs to venture out after dark.

Bob Lefebvre