God is Always Hiring by Regina Brett

An excerpt: Every spring the parents start to panic.

As college seniors prepare to graduate, their loved ones call and write me for advice: My daughter, my son, is graduating from college and there are no jobs. They spent all that time and money to prepare for a career that might not exist. What can I say or do to give them hope?

Before you start making room in your basement for them to move back home, give them the greatest graduation gift there is: believe in them.

Hope for the next generation isn’t found in the want ads. You make your own hope. No job I ever had in my life was found in the want ads or online. They all came to me by aligning myself on the inside first and connecting with the right people already in my life.

I graduated and sent out 30 resumes. I got back 30 rejection letters. Then one editor took a risk and hired me, and my writing career was born.

Don’t believe the rejection letters.

Believe beyond the statistics. Believe in spite of the facts. Believe in your place in this world even when the world doesn’t believe in you. Believe in yourself even when no one else does. Believe bigger than the disbelief around you.

That might mean you have to create the job you want. You might have to design the life you want to live. Three years ago, I made a fake book cover and wrote my name down as the author. It inspired me to buckle down and write my first book.

Before I finished writing that book, I printed out the New York Times best seller list and taped it to my office door. I boldly put the title of my own book on the list. My first book made the real New York Times bestseller list three weeks in a row. I made fake book covers to all the books I want to write, so I can see my dream in living color.

You can design the life you want to have. Name it, claim it and start living it.

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