Who keeps their eyes on the bad guys?

Steele Coddington

A better title might be “Who keeps their peeps on the creeps?” When government leaders are corrupt or the equivalent of congenital liars, it’s reassuring to know there is a courageous nonpartisan entity whose special mission is discovering what the scumbags are hiding. One of the most ethical, reliable sources of information providing a discovery process to penetrate the darkness of current government wrong doing, corruption, concealment and cover-ups is a dogged watchdog called Judicial Watch. It is a privately funded organization that labors incessantly on behalf of the American public, digging out government misconduct and corruption under the legal auspices of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other means available.

It bills itself as, “A conservative, nonpartisan American educational foundation that promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law.” You can go to their website at www.JudicialWatch.org, and “Learn more ways you can take immediate action to fight against public corruption and for the rule of law.” If you become a member you can elect to receive their monthly news bulletin VERDICT. You will be astounded by its disclosures in articles like the recent one entitled, “Congress and President Obama Betray Safety and Security of the American people.” It revealed the administration’s plan to, “Admit thousands of refugees from the center of the terrorist storm in the Middle East without serious background checks.” I know everyone knows that, but Judicial Watch, on your behalf, had to file a federal law suit to free the release of relevant information. “The Obama administration doesn’t want Americans to know about how it places refugees from terrorist states in their local communities.” I’ve seen the lists and can only ask, “Why are small towns all over America being screwed by their government?”

The Syrian Refugee Program, as more is learned about its dangerous implications, is becoming such a hot potato fellow watchdog Investors Business Daily (IBD) recently published the editorial headline, “GOP Ignores Immigration At Own Peril.” And it isn’t Hispanics the voters are worried about, it’s the unvetted, unrestrained Syrians scheduled to inundate your neighborhood. Starting in 2016 with 10,000, the number will grow to 100,000, followed by floods more, probably to places that need to increase the number of Democrat voters.

Just one of Judicial Watch’s lawsuits, on Nov, 20, 2015, was filed to obtain the “secrets” of Obama’s tax payer funded Muslim transfers fully explained, with all records, costs and locations to where the refugees will be the new proponents of Sharia Law. But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Judicial Watch’s continuing reports include scary details of activities too numerous to mention here, “Involving serious terrorist threats on the Southern border that have been disputed on the record by various Obama administration officials.” Yet Border Patrol agents report the incidents!

Investors Business Daily reported the Tuesday, March 5 primaries Exit Polls showed two thirds of Republican voters support temporarily banning non-citizen Muslims from coming to America due to the terrorism threats they may pose.

Here’s our recommendation for Obama:
His lasting legacy of “Fundamental Transformation” would receive a monumental boost if he would redirect the entire mass of Syrian refugees to Cuba for settlement there. Cuba gets to replace its escaping persecuted population. Syrians get peace, with a benevolent leader like Assad under Cuban dictator Castro. And Obama gets more “Change” to brag about but doesn’t screw up the United States with swarms of new Jihadists.