“Watch out, Joe.”

“Watch out, Joe.”

That not-so-veiled threat is what Socialist Bernie Sanders issued to me. Calling me a “bully,” Sanders said when he’s elected President he will “have power” so I better “watch out.”
Now Sanders and the rest of the democratic establishment are using my vow to serve as security against thugs at Donald Trump’s rally in my home state as an excuse to attack me. I need your help to fight back right now.

It’s no surprise self-avowed socialist, illegal immigrant sympathizer, and staunch liberal Sanders doesn’t like me, but I am shocked at his entirely unprecedented and uncalled for attacks against me.

All of this started when I had the audacity to meet with his wife when while she was visiting my jail known as “Tent City.” – I treated her exactly the same way I have the four presidential candidates who have visited: answering questions and correcting the misinformation spewed by the liberal media. I am not ashamed of my hard line stance on against criminals or on the strict jails I run which have earned me the title of “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

But in typical liberal fashion, Sanders and the rest of the Democrats are now rewriting history and calling my pleasant conversation with Ms. Sanders an “ambush” and telling me to watch out. Patriot, I need you to help me combat these baseless attacks.

Despite his threat and despite the liberal radicals who shut down an Arizona roadway as a protest to Donald Trump, I am not afraid of Sanders. I am worried that he and the rest of the liberal elite will use this opportunity to fuel my opponents in my upcoming re-election battle.
Sanders has already raised millions of dollars online as a result of attacking me and other conservatives. Since he’s now issued this threat against me personally, I have no doubt when his campaign for president ends he will make his mission to unseat me – using the money he’s raised to do so. Please help me ensure my reelection campaign can withstand Sander’s attacks.
Patriot, you may hear on the news about gangs of liberal radicals protesting in the streets of Arizona. Please know that I am here on the ground doing everything in my power to uphold the law of the land and protect the first Amendment rights of conservatives. Stand with me today!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona